School Logistics Made Simple

Administrator Centric Child Care Software to streamline child drop-off, pick-up, manage carpool lanes, manage parent communication, staff check-ins and more.


Monitor student drop-offs, pick-ups, staff check-ins. Manage student on-boarding, parent on-boarding, send push notifications to parents, manage fire drills, view activity timelines and more.

Carpool Queue

Monitor your carpool lane in real time. Confirm student drop-off and pick-ups without the parent leaving their car. See who is coming to pick up their child even before they enter school premises.


Generate daily carpool reports, attandance reports, late pick-ups or early drop-offs. Monthly and Quarterly student attendance trends, Staff attendance reports, fire drill timing reports and more.

You do an awesome job. School Fluent will help get the word out.

Our software will help you communicate seamlessly with parents about the awesome job the school staff does. Securely send pictures to parents/guardians with a click of a button. Show them how well their children are doing.

Child safety is important. Track Allergies and Child Medication.

Information about child allergies, medication or special conditions is available at your finger tips via the mobile app. Staff can quickly bring up the child's allergy information and follow step by step instructions provided by the parent.

You are busy. Streamlined on-boarding will help.

Our streamlined approach to on-boarding Staff, Students, Parents/Guardians makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3. Check out our onboarding wizard.

Versatile Mobile App: For Admin, Staff and Parents

iOS and Android apps for School Adminstrator, School Staff and Parents or Guardians to keep lines of communication open and flowing smoothly.